The -Colours-of ASA's Success




List of Success Stories from ARCHIVE.


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  Dugwell changed life 1 Success through Organic farming
  Dugwell changed life 2 Renovation of Well & Drip irrigation
  Self-dependence through Dugwell Well & Drip irrigation based Improved Agriculture
  Lift Irrigation - a boon in disguise Better Yield in Low Input
  BCI Training helped to claim compensation

Magic of Birsamati

  Assured livelihood after RCI

Case Study on SHG farmer

  Multiplying Income through RCI

Case study of SHG Farmer on SRI

  Sustainability through Dugwell

Dugwell gives the way to live the life

  Self-dependence after Dug well

Lift Irrigation is center of attrection in Bakchera

  Joint efforts - changed village scenario

Seed production by small farmer at village Paudi

  Seed saving through proper sowing

Successful story of tribal womens SHG at village Umaria

  POP Based improved agriculture

Pond as solution to all problomes

  Better Cotton Initiative in Jhabua

Drip Based Vegetable Cultivation

  Minimising use of seeds

SRI - A holistic approach of sustainable agriculture

  Farmers own 'Company Outlet'