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Bringing change the Organic way


  It takes one progressive mind like Anant Kr. Mahto's to bring a revolutionary change in a village. Riddled by the excessive use of chemical inputs under modern agricultural farming practices, the farmlands of Saheda had almost tuned into unyielding land. Though the villagers ... click to read

Cotton eyed Molava

  ASA stepped into Molava to a scene of chaos. Farmers from the village were getting weighed down by loans pegged at an interest rate of 10-15%. Unable to deal with the debts and the disparity in wealth, most of them were migrating to nearby towns and cities in search of a different occupation.... click to read

Harvesting for perennial hope

  Time and again the farmers from tribal villages of Betul faced the much-feared water scarcity dilemma. Villagers had reached their wit's end in trying to find a solution to irrigation issues, especially in the Kharif season when they were hit by a spell dooming drought. That is when two villagers, ojhu and Jagnu decided to turn the tables... click to read

Homemade bounty

  It is common knowledge that happiness is homemade. When two SHG groups of Piplipada village explored organic techniques of farming, their bounty grew at rapid pace. Homemade wonders of Khopra tonic and Soyabean tonic not only provided the essential nutrients, but also protected the standing to read

Leading Lady of Malhanwada

  When Audrey Hepburn said “Always be the leading lady of your life”, Laxmibai of Malhanwada may not have known it, but she made sure to alleviate her family from strife stricken condition. Laxmibai has a 2 acre farmland which remain largely unirrigated... click to read


  Barren lands, low yields, adverse health effects and unlimited expenditure were just some of the issues faced by Ditu Bai and her co-farmers in the village. Lost in the lure of faster production by chemical fertilisers, farmers were left to fight a losing battle. Hope intervened in 2015, in the form of survey conducted by ASA... click to read


  It takes the confidence of one man to break through a mind-set of mistrust. Even though villagers of Bongabari were left grappling with issues such as lack of drinking water, electricity, irrigation, etc. they remained sceptical of the MNREGA scheme. While the elders refused to become a part of the development process, Dewan Tundu took a leap of faith to start a Mango plantation... click to read


  When the world went to sleep, womenfolk of Kushalpura came out to relieve themselves. Tackling shame, indignity and mired with health problems, the tribal women of the region were at crossroads when it came to personal hygiene. Encountering fund deficit, the issue was pushed to to read


  With the advent of 21 st century, one must have thought the Indian countryside has done away with walking miles to collect water. The image of a typical rural woman balancing earthern pots on her head to fetch water should have become only a subject for paintings. However, the reality overpowers idealism. In Kakradara, managing the Rabi crops had become quite a task... click to read
The_joy_of_experiments   Sushila Bai had hit a dead end with the traditional farming techniques. The produce was far from yielding profit; on top of it expenditure on pesticides and fertilisers was sky high leaving them neck deep in debt. Not knowing a way out of it but getting restless to improve their condition, Sushila along with her husband Ratan attended a programme conducted by ASA on responsible farming techniques... click to read
The_Sparkling_Star_of_Angara   The rising star Bisha village, Nibha Devi who has moved against the tides to come from naught to noteworthy. Displaying unbeatable determination, Nibha Devi changed the wheels of fortune to spin in her favour, while developing her village in to read
Wheels_of_Success_in_Motion   Almost eleven kilometres from the Pakuria block, lay a village called Tilberiya that became the centre of a revolution bringing about tidings of success. The journey of this euphoric feat was not an ordinary one, as it was strewn with issues throughout. It began on a dismal note with villagers fearing the loss of plantation due to lack of adequate water. Previous failures loomed large before them before they could make a drastic move. It took a little more than persistence on behalf of ASA to break the psyche... click to read