ASA identifies and places professionals in its development work. Alongside it focuses on building the motivation, values, attitudes and competence of the professional to address the development issues.
Currently, we are a Team of over 250 persons, recruited from reputed institutions from various disciplines such as agriculture, engineering, management, finance, allied sciences and arts. We are equal opportunity employer, with people from different cultures and experience working with us.
Together, we are reaching out to nearly 140000 poor families spread over 1590 villages in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

What does a career in ASA offer ?

A career in ASA gives you:

• Opportunity to give in your full potential for the betterment of the disadvantaged people and community
• Freedom of autonomy to perform your roles and responsibilities
• A learning environment for personal & professional growth
• Exposure to various livelihood issues /models in development sector
• Constant support and mentoring from senior colleagues
• Satisfying work environment with value-based conduct

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