Trees on Farm

ASA works with a Mission “Ensuring Livelihoods of poor people by providing development services, particularly through Natural Resources Management. To make the Mission more meaningful ASA undertakes. Agri-Horti-Forestry activities (Wadi) from the pool of NRM programme.

A family with 1 acre of total cultivable land (demarcated as small and marginal category) can earn their Livelihood through Tree based Farming system covering their small piece of farm land with Horticulture plants, vegetable cultivation and Agro forestry plants in fence. The main Horticulture plants start providing economical return after 4-5 years of plantation. Till the economical returns start, the inter space within farms supports immediate earnings to the family by growing high value vegetables. The boundary of the farm field is covered by Agro Forestry plants which protect the main field in one side and also extend major nutritional support to their domesticated Livestock. The agro forestry trees also support creeper vegetables to grow which in turn provide additional support to family nutrition. All together family having 1 acre Tree based farming system starts providing Income of Rs.15,000/- to 20,000/-from year 1 which reaches above 25,000/- per annum after 5 years which onwards takes up the family out of poverty and provide sustainable livelihood.