Video Gallery

1 Chemical Seed Treatment of Soy Seed Before Sowing
2 Chemical Seed Treatment of Wheat before Sowing
3 ChilliTransplantation in Field
4 Control of Girdle Beetle through Agrochemicals
5 Earthing Up of Potato
6 Gram Seed Treatment by Cow Urine
7 Maintaing Plant Spacing by Thinning is Beneficial in Soybean
8 Line Sowing in Gram by Bullock Drawn Seed Drill
9 Chemical Seed Treatment of Soy Seed Before Sowing
10 How to Check the Quality of the Soy Seed
11 How to Raise Nursery for Vegetable Cultivation
12 How to Raise Nursery of Chilli
13 Insect Management by use of Pheromone Trap
14 Chemical Seed Treatment of Wheat before Sowing
15 Insect-Pests of Soybean and their Management
16 Irrigation Management in Wheat Field
17 Irrigation through Sprinkler System
18 Line Sowing in Lentil by Bullock Drawn Seed Drill
19 Management of Pod borer in Gram by Use of Chemicals
20 Safe Use of Agro-Chemicals in Crop Production
21 Process of Building Stop Dam in a Village and its Benefit
22 Seed Bed Preparation and Seed Sowing of Tomato
23 Preparation of Onion Nursery
24 Preparation of Amrut Pani
25 Precuations while Plucking of Mung Bean in Field
26 Precautions while Working with Agro-Chemicals
27 Precautions at the Time of Thrashing of Soybean
28 Precaution after Working with Insecticide
29 Participatroy Varietal Selection Programm in Wheat
30 Nipping in Gram
31 Methof of Soil Sample Collection before Sowing and its Benefits
32 Method of Transplanting Paddy in SRI
33 Method of Sowing of Wheat in SWI
34 Method of Soil Sampling and Its Benefits
35 Method of seed germination of wheat & its benefit
36 Method of Preparation of Seed Bed in SRI Paddy
37 Method of Preparation of Amrit Paani
38 Method of Composting from Farm Waste
39 Use of T-Guard in Gram Field to Control Caterpiller
40 Use of Safe Agro-Chemicals in Crop Production
41 Use of Pheromone Traps in Insect Control
42 Use of Pheromone Trap in Gram to Control Caterpillar
43 Use of Neem Leaves in Insect Management
44 Use of Gomutra as Insect Repellent in Crops
45 Tomato Transplantation in Main Field
46 Spray of Zn-EDTA in Maize
47 Spray of DAP Solution on Gram Crop
48 Spray of Chilli Garlic solution as Insect Repellent
49 Sowing of Onian Seed in Seed Bed
50 Soil Sample Collection for Soil Testing
51 Seed Treatment in gram by Chemical Agent
52 Seed Quality Check by Seed Germination Test in Wheat
53 Seed Germination Test in Gram
54 Selection of Potato Seed & Sowing
55 Seedling Treatment in Onion
56 Seed Treatment of Wheat Seed in SWI
57 Chemical Seed Treatment In Soybean
58 Chemical Seed Treatment In Soybean
59 Chemical Seed Treatment In Soybean
60 Chemical Seed Treatment In Soybean
61 Biological Treatment of Blight Disease of Paddy
62 Caterpillar Control by Using NPV as Biological Agent
63 Biological Seed Treatment in Soybean
64 Biological Seed treatment in Gram Final
65 Biological Seed Treatment in Gram by PSB
66 Biological Seed Treatmeant in Wheat
67 Benefits of Weeding by Wheel Hoe
68 Benefits of Use of Sulper in Soybean Crop
69 Benefits of T-shape Bird Purcher in Gram Field
70 Benefits of Sprinkler System
71 Benefits of Participatory Varietal Selection in Wheat
72 Benefits of Nipping in Gram
7 3 Benefits of Earthing up & Fertilizer Management in Chili
74 Benefits of Cutting Male Flower in Maize Production
75 Benefits of Cotton-Maize Intercropping in Rainfed Areas
76 Benefits of Amrit Paani Solution on Crops
77 Application of PSB Culture in Standing Crop of Gram
78 Wheat Sowing in SWI Method
79 Wheat Seed Treatment Through Chemical and Biological Agents
80 Wheat Seed Treatment by PSB Culture
81 Wheat Seed Treatment by Cow Urine
82 Weeding & Earting-Up in Potato Crop
83 Use of Trichoderma in Disease Management of Soybean