Embracing Millets
back to life

A Bioversity International
& ASA Initiative


Tribal food Fusion.

Millet Gala - that's an event of fusion of cooking by traditional Tribal-cooks from Mandla & Dindori with the Jehan-Numa Palace Hotel Chefs.

"Dinner" at Begum Hall annex. Hotel Jehan Numa palace Hotel.

Date: 21/5/2016.

Time: 7pm onwards

Entries: by invitation or registrations.






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Millets Recipes e-Booklet


Sama ki Kheer
Kangani ki Maheri
More recipes ..   More recipes ..


E-booklet of recipes of Millets: This is compiltion of recipes of Millets - that are easy to make and taste deliciously. The booklet also presents a nutrion value chart of the millet ingredients and cooked dishes.


In this book, we have tried compile the local recipes, while the women were cooking at their homes. This book we hope shall serve as an informative tool to a new market about the presence, utility and benefits of the minor millets like Kodo and Kutki, to expand the market for these farmers, so as to the welfare of both, the consumers and the producers.” – Authors.


Nutritional facts about Millets:















































































































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