Empowering Communities

Empowering communities and building their Institutions

ASA develops Community Based Organisations (CBOs) with an intent to advance the lives of a group of people. CBOs comprising groups such as self help groups (SHGs), Users’ groups, Farmer Producer Organizations form the bedrock of all the programs in ASA. These groups are focused on different activities spanning from savings and access to credit to livelihoods to other development activities. They perform an essential role in realizing the goals of various programs facilitated by ASA for securing their livelihoods.

Acknowledging and building on the central role of women in bringing about development in their communities, 100 percent of the SHGs promoted by ASA are women SHGs. The SHGs are the fundamental platform for women to team up to reverse their positions of marginalization at the household and community level to one that facilitates their evolution in confident individuals taking on greater roles within their family and community.

Milestones (Till March 2022)


SHGs formed



>INR 8.9 million

Savings mobilised

>INR 10 million

Internal loans given

>INR 26 million

Bank loan received