Farmer Producer Organisations

Strengthening Farmer Producer Organisations and value chain linkages

Being the pioneer in the country, ASA has been promoting “Collectives” of small farmers in the form of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) since 2005. The objective of this activity is to integrate small farmers with the supply chain of the agriculture commodity. In this FPO model about 1000-1500 small farmers are organised and then registered under the Producer Companies Act..

An ecosystem of support for FPOs- ASA further conceptualised and put into action “Center for Incubation and Support for Smallholder Producer Organisations (CISSPO), a formal body founded in 2017-18 to engage with the FPOs to bolster their value chain, develop an amiable environment for their growth along with focusing on ensuring food security and diversity of produce to mitigate risk at the producers’ level

Milestones (Till March 2022)


FPOs developed


Farmers Collectivized