Rejuvenating Lives

“Narratives of success among farming communities that integrated sustainable systems and strategies”

FPOs: Building on the collective strength of small and marginal farmers to surmount Agri challenges

Doha: The creative approach to fulfil the irrigation gap

Stop Dam: Channelising the vital resource of water to the fields of small farmers

Dug well: An individual irrigation asset that is greening the farms of small landholders

Drip Irrigation Technology: Achieving more using less

Lift Irrigation: Lifting the status of small landholder’s farms

Smelling Agri gains through scented rice

Trees on Farm: The horticultural spin to farming

Shallow borewell: The compact solution to the irrigation woes of small and marginal farmers

SHGs: Small groups with big impacts

Canal restoration-The participatory route to prosperity

Towards sustainable livelihoods-The check dam route

Well intentioned in Madhya Pradesh-Case study of dug well

Transforming rainfed agriculture land to irrigated land: Development of Doha in Chicholi Block, Betul district.

Farmer Producer companies- Setting new goal posts

The self help groups of western Madhya Pradesh- The pathways out of poverty

Killer smoke snuffed out of 315 rural households: A case study on smokeless chullha

Yield Enhancing Shift: Cultivation of summer vegetables in Dumka district in Jharkhand

Better Cotton, Improved Environment, Dignified lives- Farmers' Speak