• Unpredictable rainfall, improper irrigation, lack of social awareness, poor market linkages, technological lag are few of the major reasons that halt the socio-economic development of marginalized community .ASA implements a project for Holistic Rural Development Program with the fund from the HDFC Bank CSR to bridge the gap in uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the marginalized community by:
    • Facilitating >7000 smallholder and landless marginalized families to enhance farm income and secure livelihoods.
    • Awareness of the various available government schemes and convergence of those schemes through technical support for integrated development.
    • Knowledge enhancement for increasing intensity and diversity of agriculture through the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices.
    • Increasing the community participation in development programme by building network of community institutions and strengthening the existing ones.
    • Developing proper value chain and supply linkage of agriculture through FPOs
    • Providing clean and sustainable energy though solar based systems.