280 masonry check dams constructed 3583 ha. benefitting 4415 families and recharging 1369 dugwells downstream
545 Doha -Low cost water harvesting structures constructed irrigating 4310 ha. and benefitting 3190 families.
1090 shallow borewells constructed irrigating 1548 ha. and benefitting 1090 families
109 earthen tanks constructed irrigating 1377 ha. benefitting 1503 families
510 farm ponds constructed irrigating 257 ha. and benefitting 2240 families
74990 ha. treated for soil and moisture conservation
3317 dugwells constructed irrigating 7083 ha. and benefitting 9532 families.
157 lift irrigation systems installed irrigating 3738 ha. and benefitting 2686 families
33137 running meters of canal restoration work done increasing percentage of irrigated area from 44% to 86%; Average income increased by 227% per acre
542.45 million spent by gram panchayats and line depts. under ASA’s technical support in year 2018-19
ASA facilitates over 200000 small and marginal farmers every year to adopt good agricultural practices known as Responsible Crop Initiatives, a 3rd Party certified crop production standard.
Under Good Agricultural Practices regime 80000 farmers shifted from broad casting of seeds to “Line Sowing” in 80000 acres.
RCI quality verification is done by world renowned organizations like Control Union, SGS, RTRS Association, Better Cotton Initiative, Organic cotton.
ASA facilitates over 120000 small and marginal farmers every year to adopt good agriculture practices or RCI standards.
12072 farmers qualified by 3rd party assessment as organic producers and total 12500 farmers registered under APEDA Act. as organic producers.
Another 35000 farmers adopted Non Pesticide Management practices.
56 Farmers Producer Companies with over 68213 small holder share holders formed and nurtures into successful farmer’s owned agribusiness initiatives.
5187 SHGs functioning with 100% women members, mobilized savings of Rs 6,62,86,049 till March 2019. And having Rs 6,14,65,873 as loans disbursed as on March 2019

Programme Coverage

Working in: 4 States, 24 Districts, 44 Community Development Blocks, 1780 Villages

Directly working with over 1,79,000 poor rural families or nearly 9,50,000 population.

Our Partners in Change


Film showcasing impact of ASA interventions in bringing prosperity to the smallholder farmers

Rewards & Recognition

Winner of the Best FPO Promoting Institution of the Year 2019 by the ACCESS and Rabo Bank, 2019

ASA was awarded best Indian NGO in the medium category in 2008 by the Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation and Resource Alliance.

ASA was awarded the best NGO in the Participatory Irrigation Management by the Central Water Commission and M.P. Water Resources Department in 2005

For three consecutive terms since 2009 ASA has been elected in the Executive Board of the Round Table for Responsible Soy Bean Association, a global multi-stakeholder platform for improving soy bean value chain ( www.responsiblesoy.org ).
Consultative Status
  • National Advisory Council (2012-14), GOI
  • National Advisory Committee, NABARD for FPO development
  • C.G. Planning Commission, Standing Working Group
  • Member, Sector Innovative Council, DAC, GOI
  • Former Executive Body Member, Round Table for Responsible Soybean Association (2010-15), Argentina