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Rejuvenating Lives

Stories of hope, faith, teamwork and success, stories that inspire us in our journey of rejuvenating lives through sustainable agriculture

Coffee Table Book

This coffee table book complies with and documents the collaborative efforts between ASA and Where There is a Well Foundation in the Dug Well project.  Discover endearing tales of transformation for small farmer communities, showcasing the pivotal role of dug wells in fostering food security, boosting farm incomes, and eradicating poverty.

Handbooks & Toolkits

Manual Name: 
Resource Book on Formation and Functioning of Farmer Producer
Companies – 3rd Edition
Language: English
Year of Publication: 2016

This resource book outlines the steps and preparations needed
to establish a Farmer Producer Company (FPC).
It draws on ASA’s experiences in creating FPCs in Madhya Pradesh and other states, as well as insights from stakeholders on
the development of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).


Promotional Videos

Experience ASA’s journey of transforming lives through sustainable agriculture, enhanced livelihoods, and community empowerment. Witness ASA in action, both independently and in collaboration with corporate partners, in these videos showcasing real stories and the profound impact of unity in fostering positive change.

Tutorial Animation Videos

Explore ASA’s series of tutorial and training videos designed to simplify critical interventions, fostering awareness and knowledge. These engaging explainer guides empower small farmers with a clear understanding of transformative practices in a user-friendly format.


Join ASA’s video podcast series for insightful discussions on the future of sustainable agriculture, covering emerging trends like the FPO ecosystem in India, agricultural challenges, and innovative solutions and practices. Explore how these conversations aim to empower small farmers in building sustainable livelihoods amidst evolving agricultural landscapes.

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