Central Sector Scheme of Formation And Promotion of 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)

Project Donor:

Project Objective : Helping Small and marginal Farmers to form FPOs on a sustainable basis.

Target Beneficiary Group : Small and marginal farmers

Geographic Scope  : Sahebganj, Deoghar, and Palamu districts

Project Timeline   : 5 years

Key Activities:

  • To provide a holistic and broad-based supportive ecosystem to form new 10,000 FPOs to facilitate the development of vibrant and sustainable income-oriented farming and for overall socio-economic development and well-being of agrarian communities.
  • To enhance productivity through efficient, cost-effective and sustainable
    resource use and realize higher returns through better liquidity and market  
    linkages for their produce and become sustainable through collective action.
  • To provide handholding and support to new FPOs up to 5 years from the year of creation in all aspects of management of FPO, inputs, production, processing and value addition, market linkages, credit linkages and use of technology etc.
  • To provide effective capacity building to FPOs to develop agriculture entrepreneurship skills to become economically viable and self-sustaining beyond the period of support from the government.
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