Community empowerment for strengthening livelihoods

Project Donor:

Project Objective : To enable sustainable cultivation of agricultural produce, facilitate higher income and growth for farming communities, participation of private sector, financial sector engagement for sustainable raw materials, investment in storage and processing infrastructures and financial products, and develop a partnership with government and private sector that last long beyond the project cycles.

Target Beneficiary Group : 8000 smallholder families

Geographic Scope  : Beed, Maharashtra

Project Timeline   : 15 months

Key Activities:

  • Build resilience against climate change through natural resource development and organic farming. 
  • Develop land, water, vegetation and livestock development for build resilience against the adverse impact of climate change.
  • Promote sustainable agriculture to stabilize production, intensification and diversification of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
  • Entail on-farm training and capacity building of farmers through Farmers’ Field School (FFS). 
  • Create value chain system of agriculture, horticulture, livestock, forestry (non-timber forest produces) products and bio-inputs.
  • Form community institutions like SHGs, FPOs and various Users’ Groups, for empowerment to sustain the initiatives beyond this project.
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