Livelihood Enhancement Through Landscape Restoration and Agro-Forestry

Project Donor:

Project Objective : Livelihood enhancement through landscape restoration and creating a value chain with a focus on Agro-Forestry.

Target Beneficiary Group : 60,000 smallholder households

Geographic Scope  : Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

Project Timeline   : 3 years

Key Activities:

  • Facilitate 60,000 smallholder families to enhance farm income and secure livelihoods
  • Increasing the intensity and diversity of agriculture through the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices
  • Develop agricultural value chain linkages through Farmer’s Collectives 
  • Establishing micro-credit linkages for target families for agriculture, micro-enterprises, ToF, Vegetables, Livelihood
  • Building a network of CBOs (SHGs, PG, Farmer Collectives) and capacity-building 
  • Convergence with Government schemes for leveraging financial and technical resources
  • Establishing PME system
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