Sustainable agriculture

Enhancing Agriculture productivity for sustainable livelihoods

ASA’s efforts at improving farm productivity has largely been based on ‘Responsible Crop Initiative (RCI)’ or popularly known as “Jimmedar Kheti”, a form of certification for agricultural practices followed that reduces the environmental and social footprint of agriculture, while increasing yield and productivity for the farmer, making the business of farming more sustainable. These set of practices are also in line with Good Agricultural Practices as propounded by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, as well as in line with the proposed objectives of the National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture. The initiative is also in perfect synergy with other focus areas of ASA, such as land water resource development and promotion of Farmer Producer Organisations’ for agribusiness

Milestones (Till March 2022)


Varieties tested for Participatory Selection


Farmers Practicing Certified Organic Cultivation


Farmers practicing Responsible Cropping


Farmers growing vegetables through nutrition gradens


Farmers adopted Good Agriculture Practices